Airline Career Pilot Program The Training Airlines Look for in Pilot Applicants

ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program provides airline-oriented flight training at a fixed cost in the shortest time frame. You will fly the world’s largest multi-engine fleet coast-to-coast in a scheduled, monitored, airline-style environment. The Airline Career Pilot Program with Regional Jet Standards Certification far exceeds any other flight academy’s capabilities when comparing:

Competitors provide only a few hours of multi-engine time limiting you to single-engine flight instructor jobs to build flight time and experience. ATP provides the qualifications you need to immediately instruct in multi-engine aircraft, giving you the kind of relevant flight experience airlines look for.

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Programs Compared

Start From Private Start with Credit for Private Pilot
All Include
100 Hours Multi-Engine Experience
180 Day Fast Track Airline Career Pilot Program Self-Paced Airline Career Pilot Program 100 Day Fast Track Airline Career Pilot Program Self-Paced Airline Career Pilot Program
Private Single-Engine Prerequisite: Private Pilot Certificate, 100 Hrs. TT, 25 Hrs. XC PIC
Instrument Rating
Private Multi-Engine
Commercial Multi- & Single-Engine
Certified Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine, Single-Engine & Instrument
Flight Time
Total Logged Time 275 275 170 170
Multi-Engine Flight Time 100 100 100 100
Single-Engine Flight Time 125 125 20 20
Simulator (FTD) Time 50 50 50 50
Competitive Advantages
Airline Interview
Guaranteed Instructor Job
Schedule & Time Frame
Training Schedule Full Time 10 Days a Month Full Time 10 Days a Month
Training Time Frame 180 Days 12 Months or Less 100 Days 10 Months or Less
Housing Option ($200 per week) Add $5,200
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Add $3,000
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Financing Available

$ 69,995

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$ 74,995

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$ 54,995

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$ 59,995

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More About Your Training

Airline Career Pilot Program flight training gets you the most qualifications (multi-engine flight time) in the best complex multi-engine aircraft, with the best airline-oriented flight training. You can receive the same training in either our Fast Track or Self-Paced curriculum.

Fast Track — Recommended

ATP’s FAST TRACK Airline Career Pilot Program is the most efficient commercial pilot training you can receive. The total-immersion training maximizes your knowledge and skill retention, while putting you on the fast track to start earning income in your new career. Only Fast Track students are eligible for a guaranteed instructor job.


ATP’s SELF-PACED Airline Career Pilot Program provides the same quality instruction in the same aircraft. A flexible training schedule accommodates your needs as a full-time college student or working professional. Devote at least ten days per month to your training, and within 10 months (14 from zero time) you can complete the Airline Career Pilot Program.

Bottom Line

ATP sets the industry standard for airline pilot training with all the aircraft resources and airline connections you need for your fast track to the airlines.

The multi-engine experience gained in ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program will get you more career opportunities than possible through any other flight school, FBO or academy. The higher level of qualifications this program provides is the first step in setting you apart from your peers.

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Airline-Sponsored Career Track

Demand for airline pilots and ATP graduates is soaring, with the "1500 hour rule" and retirements at the majors. Airlines have selected ATP as a preferred training provider to build their pilot pipelines with the best training in the fastest time frame possible.

Agreement with Republic Airlines

ATP has entered into an agreement with Republic Airlines in which Republic Airlines will conduct HR interviews and offer conditional offers of employment (COEs) to ATP students and instructors as early as the commercial phase of training in the Airline Career Pilot Program. Successful applicants will receive a COE, plus a guaranteed instructor job with ATP to build flight experience.

The conditions of the offer are that upon completion of the Airline Career Pilot Program, you continue to build flight experience as a flight instructor, until you reach 1500 hours of total time, receive ATP's recommendation, and complete the Regional Jet Standards Certification Program. Once these requirements are met, no further technical or HR interview will be required, as long there are no changes to your driving record / background check. You will simply report to Republic for new hire training in the 70-110 seat E170/175, the 74 seat Q400, or the E135/140/145.

The COEs are non-binding to the pilot, which means they do not obligate you to fly for Republic. If you later decide you want to fly for another airline, there will be no repercussions. But you get the advantage of a commitment from Republic to schedule you for a class date upon reaching minimums.

What Others Have to Say


Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

“Throughout my training I was both challenged and guided into being a professional pilot. Starting from a private pilot and then finally evolving into a CFI was a great feeling of empowerment. I knew that ATP was my choice of flight schools since it was recommended to me by fellow students of yours who are now successful Gulfstream pilots, for a major charter company. My cross country experience flew me into the airports of Jacksonville, Atlanta, Trenton, Richmond, Tennessee, and many others. With the proper skills from ATP I was able to fly with confidence. I will recommend the ATP program to aspiring pilots of any level who want to get there ratings and receive the best training available. ”

John Hults
ATP Graduate
HIRED: American Eagle / Envoy Air

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