More regional airlines have hiring
agreements with ATP, than anyone else.

Airline Pilot Bridge Programs & Hiring Partnerships

Gain eligibility for reduced minimums for employment offers with ATP’s Airline Pilot Bridge Programs and Hiring Partnerships. ATP has Airline Sponsored Career Track programs with Republic Airways, SkyWest, and American Eagle, and letters of agreement from ExpressJet, Ameriflight, GoJet Airlines, Mesa Airlines, PlaneSense, and Sierra West Airlines. More regional airlines have letters of agreement with ATP than with any other flight school, college, or academy.

In the past 12 months airlines have hired 445 ATP graduates.

Click on agreement letter or airline logo to view each Airline Pilot Bridge Program or Hiring Partnership letter and find out way ATP graduates have the competitive edge.

Bridge Programs

Republic Airways Letter from Republic Airways SkyWest Letter from SkyWest American Eagle Hiring Agreement Letter from American Eagle

ExpressJet - Continental Express Letter from ExpressJet AmeriFlight Letter from AmeriFlight GoJet Airlines Letter from GoJet Airlines
Mesa Airlines Letter from Mesa Airlines PlaneSense Letter from PlaneSense Sierra West Airlines Letter from Sierra West Airlines