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Flight Training Programs

ATP offers almost every possible combination of multi-engine FAA pilot certification, ranging from Private Multi-Engine ratings to Multi-Engine Instrument Instructor ratings to Airline Transport Pilot certificates. Please choose a certification level or training interest to see all available programs.

Airline Training Programs™

ATP’s Airline Training Programs™ include ab initio pilot training starting with the Private Pilot Program, continuing with the Airline Career Pilot Program, and finishing with the Regional Jet Standards Certification Program for accelerated airline placement. ATP offers the best options to begin your aviation career at a convenient location on your time frame.

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP 121) Written Exam

ATP’s computerized ATP Written Prep & Exam is well known to be the most efficient way to earn a high score before your airline interview.

Multi-Engine Ratings

Add a Multi-Engine Rating to your Private or Commercial license.

Instrument Rating

Fly IFR with confidence and learn the Garmin G1000 with ATP's Glass Cockpit DA40 Instrument Rating Program.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Ratings

ATP offers CFI programs for multi-engine and instrument instructor ratings. The initial CFI is available only in our Airline Career Pilot Program

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificates

“800-ALL-ATPS” says it all. Since 1984, ATP Certification has been the cornerstone of our flight training programs for airline-bound military and civilian pilots.

Regional Jet Training

ATP offers Regional Jet Training to fit the needs of Regional Airline Pilot applicants. These programs include flight experience in a true-to-life CRJ-200 Flight Training Device with full systems functionality.

Recurrent Flight Training Programs

ATP Now offers BFRs and IPCs nationwide! Increase your safety, proficiency, and confidence by completing your Biennial Flight Review (BFR) or Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) with one of ATP's professional flight instructors in a Cessna 172, Glass Cockpit DA40, or multi-engine Piper Seminole.

ATP's Intro Flight Training

Intro Training Flight

Learn more about flight training with ATP by taking an Intro Training Flight at any of our 34 flight schools nationwide. You can even get started right now with a short on-line learning module!

"Finish-Up" Flight Training Programs

Already started your flight training? Finish with ATP and receive credit for previous training and experience. Check out our customizable finish-up programs: