ATP Flight School

International Airline Career Pilot Program

$55,000 USD / 8-10 Months

Available only at Daytona Beach, Florida

Learn to Fly with America’s Largest & Best Flight School!

ATP’s International Professional Pilot Course takes you from zero time to Commercial Instrument Pilot, using ATP’s proven airline-oriented flight training.

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ATP designed its International Pro Pilot Course with extra flight time built-in. This nearly eliminates extra charges for additional flight and ground training, which are common at other flight schools. ATP quotes its fixed price based on realistic flight training requirements, not FAA minimum standards.

Your Flight Training Course Includes

  • Private Single & Instrument
  • Commercial Multi & Instrument
  • 255 Hours Logged Flight Time
    • 170 Hours Single-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
    • 35 Hours Multi-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
    • 50 Hours Simulator (FTD)
  • All Classroom & Individual Ground Instruction
  • Aircraft Manuals, Training Syllabus & Checklists
  • All Pre- and Post-Flight Briefings

Credit for Private

If you already have your FAA Private Pilot Certificate from another flight school, you can receive credit and a discount.

Program specifications are subject to change, but not during your training program. See our fuel surcharge policy. Logged flight times may vary slightly due to flight check times and other considerations.

Additional Costs Not Included

For a complete itemized list, please see additional expenses.


The International Airline Career Pilot Program is an intensive training program. Before you enroll, you must:

  • Be 18 Years of Age
  • Read, Understand, and Speak English
  • Pass ATP’s Flight Aptitude Test

Class Dates

Classes begin on the third Monday of each month at ATP’s Daytona Beach Flight Training Center. Follow our steps to enrollment to reserve the next available class date.

Payment Schedule (All Prices in $USD)

Payment to Reserve Class Date $1,000
Upon Class Start $27,000
12 Weeks After Class Start $27,000
Total Fixed Cost $55,000

Acceptable Forms of Payment

All payments must be made in US Dollars. Acceptable forms of payment at the training center include: cash, cashier’s check, money order, certified check or traveler’s checks. ATP will also accept payment via wire transfer. Payments by credit card and other types of check are not accepted.

Extra Flight Training Rates

The course price is quoted as a discounted package price. If you withdraw from the course before completion, or you require additional training, please refer to the additional flight instruction rates.

Student Visas

ATP accepts international flight training students on M-1 Student Visas for enrollment in our International Professional Pilot Course. To learn how to apply for an M-1 Student Visa, follow our steps to enrollment.

Students may not work in the United States with an M-1 Visa, and ATP does not offer employment to international students. The M-1 Visa is for training only. After training, you will return to your home country to seek employment.