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Airline Career Pilot Program

Airline Sponsored Career-Track

+400 ATP grads hired in last 12 months.

+330 Students & instructors with COEs at 1500 hrs.

September 23 Next SkyWest interview for ATP students.

ATP is your airline career solution with a career track from zero time to 1500 hours sponsored by ATP's airline alliances.

Multi-Engine Experience

ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program provides the training airlines look for in pilot applicants. Regional airlines hire more pilots from ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program than from any other single flight school.

Why Airlines Hire ATP Graduates

Start From Zero Time Start with Credit for Private Pilot
100 Hours Multi-Engine Experience 180 Day Fast Track Airline Career Pilot Program 100 Day Fast Track Airline Career Pilot Program
Private Single-Engine Prerequisite
Private Multi-Engine
Instrument Rating
Commercial Multi- & Single-Engine
Certified Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine, Single-Engine & Instrument
Flight Time
Total Logged Time 275 170
Multi-Engine Flight Time 100 100
Airline Interview
Guaranteed Instructor Job
Financing Available
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ATP students get the competitive edge with airline-oriented flight training at a fixed cost and time frame. Receive instruction from the most qualified instructors and proudly fly the world's largest multi-engine fleet coast-to-coast in a scheduled, monitored, airline-style environment.

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Intro Training Flight

We invite you to visit an ATP Flight Training Center for an in-person look at what exciting training awaits you. ATP's Intro Training Flight is a great way to experience the level of professional flight training ATP provides and will give you further insight on what to expect during your future program.

Get started today by completing the free, no obligation, Intro Training Flight On-Line Learning Module.

Intro Training Flight

Regional Jet Training

Regional Jet Programs

ATP’s Regional Jet Programs prepare you for airline interviews and airline training. The courses use the CRJ-200 as the base aircraft, but you will learn principles common to many modern jet and turbo prop airliners such as Bombardier and Embraer Regional Jets. Your Regional Jet program will give you the competitive edge with reduced hiring minimums and increased visibility to airline recruiters on

ATP Regional Jet Standards Certification